LEIPA contracts Voith to rebuild PM11

Heidenheim/Schwedt: LEIPA Georg Leinfelder GmbH has contracted Voith to reconstruct its PM11 comprehensively to become its future PM5, as well as a new OCC stock preparation and an extension of the DIP facility in its LEIPA plant in Schwedt. The turnkey project is a further milestone in the partnership between LEIPA and Voith, which has been established over many years.

While the PM11 is currently producing 280,000 metric tons of newsprint annually, the machine with a wire width of 9,200 mm will be rebuilt to become one of the most modern and largest production lines for white top testliner. With an annual capacity of 450,000 metric tons, the future PM5 will thus rank as the top-performing paper machine of its kind worldwide. The papers produced will feature the highest strength values and best surface characteristics.

Upon completion of the PM5 rebuild in Schwedt, LEIPA will have invested more than 1 billion euros in machines, infrastructure, energy solutions and employees. With this investment, LEIPA consolidates its benchmark position as a quality manufacturer for coated and uncoated white top testliner, becoming a one-stop-shop for first-rate quality white coated corrugated base paper with a total annual capacity of 700,000 metric tons.