LEIPA, now accredited with the EU Ecolabel, is setting standards for the environmental certification of magazine paper and expanding its product range in the process

In addition to the FSC®, PEFC and Blue Angel certifications, the magazine paper produced by LEIPA Georg Leinfelder GmbH now boasts the EU Ecolabel (“Euroblume”) as well, meaning that the company’s fully recycled LWC paper carries all internationally recognised environmental certifications. LEIPA is attracting new customer groups at an international level additionally to the Blue Angel, which is recognised as one of the foremost seals of quality in (predominantly) the German-speaking economic area and is frequently demanded by clients, and now the EU Ecolabel, the leading European environmental certificate. As part of the testing process prior to being awarded the EU Ecolabel, the criteria include not only environmental factors and issues relating to raw materials, but also health factors and that of environmentally friendly waste disposal. This means that the entire product life cycle is taken into consideration. The examination and award procedures are accordingly comprehensive and in-depth, in that they actively incorporate a company’s emission control and waste management too. This is done so that, for example, a qualified assessment can be given of the chemicals used and of the emissions with respect to water, air, noise and the waste stream. LEIPA’s successful certification acts as proof that the company meets its own high standards in terms of sustainability, environmental protection and the safeguarding of health, and demonstrates once again that producing high quality products does not need to mean sacrificing ecological awareness. Running parallel to its successful acquisition of this additional certification, LEIPA is also expanding its own product range. The new product line ultraSQUARE will offer high-quality LWC paper (as well as LEIPA’s tried and tested rolls) in a market-standard print sheet format and a wide variety of weight options for the printing of magazines, catalogues/magalogues, customer/employee newsletters and advertising supplements. Renowned companies from the fields of (among others) retail, tourism, lifestyle and technology have been actively utilising the key environmental qualities of LEIPA paper as part of their own public relations activities for many years now. With its new product line, LEIPA is offering the opportunity to engage purposely in “green publishing” to even more customers. Distributors and print shops that are served by LEIPA now have a chance to win over more customers and stand out from their competitors thanks to the EU Ecolabel, that comprehends several product lines, and by incorporating (complementary) ulstraSQUARE format products into their own product range.