Good things are used over and over. In the environment and in advertising.

To us, environment protection is both, a task and obligation. That is why we do everything we can do to conduct our actions and operations in an environment-friendly way. Our liners are made of 100% waste paper and satisfy the highest quality requirements. They are also absolutely environment-friendly, as we o­nly use recycled fibres as raw material. That saves resources and energy and the environment as well. And we have certificates to prove this: our environment management system has been certified as per ISO 14001!

The various types of waste paper are sorted o­n site and then processed in a state-of-the-art deinking plant. The fibre and pigment rejects are utilized in our energy generation. Effluents have been reduced to a minimum through the use of best available technology. LEIPA operates an uniquely closed fibre loop encompassing the collection, sorting, treatment, production and dispatch stages.

Protection of the environment is a logical extension of where we are. Both Schwedt and Schrobenhausen are paper mills operating right next door to national parks and nature reserves.